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We supply what are probably the best Water Softeners you can own

As water is essential to life, the quality of water you consume determines your quality of life. It only makes sense to use the highest quality water.

LDrinking Waterarge areas of England have water which is classed as hard or very hard.  Andover in Hampshire, where Watercare Associates are located, and the surrounding area is classed as very hard (see the hard water map available from the menu)

Water comapnies have no legal requirements to provide softenened water in hard water areas such as North & West Hampshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire.

The resulting costs from hard water are hidden costs and the damage is predominantly invisible.

In addition to supplying Water Softeners we also supply water softener salt at very competitive prices. It’s worth noting that the Water Softeners we supply automatically minimises the the use of salt resulting in up to a 40% saving compared to other Water Softeners.

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