Summary of Benefits of a Water Softener

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  • Improves your quality of life
  • Saves up to 50% of washing powder, cleaning and personal care products
  • Minimises water heating costs in hard water area
  • Reduces the wear and tear of laudering clothes thus prolonging their useful life
  • Water has a clean, silky feeling – no more scum
  • Independent studies have confirmed that cleaning time is reduced with softened water
  • Makes hair soft and easy to manage
  • Rinses completely away without staining
  • Removes existing scale in hot water and heating systems
  • Reduced use of shampoos, conditioners and cleaning products
  • Improves heating efficiency – just 1/16″ of scale causes a 12% loss of efficiency

Cleaning And Personal Care Supplies

Cleaning Face


The average family spends money every week on various cleaning and personal care products. Many of these products are purchased to fight the effects of hard water. Conditioned water can save on these costs!

The average person cleaning the home spends six hours per month cleaning water spots, streaks and scum alone.

LaundryWater Softener - Laundry

 Water hardness poses some obstacles to cleaning. Hardness causing minerals react with soap to form an insoluble curd that can show up on fabrics as a white powder, make fabrics feel stiff and attach to the inside of washing machines. The forming of the curd uses up some of the soap and reduces its cleaning ability.

The life of clothing and textiles was prolonged up to 15% when washed in conditioned water. – Based on a study by the School of Civil engineering and the School of Consumer and Family Sciences, Purdue University.



Filming and spotting are the most common aggravations that hard water can cause on dishes and glassware. Most dishwashing detergents contain water treatment chemicals such as phosphates to reduce this condition. The manufacturers of the detergents advise you that the harder the water the more soap you will need to use to get satisfactory results.

The amount of detergent should be increased according to the hardness (one teaspoon per grain). – Maytag Washing Machine Manual.

Water and Space Heating

Effect of limescale buildupp in pipesHard water - limescale buildup in hot water cylinderThe heating of the water in your home consumes an average of 30% of your energy expense. Water heaters typically consume 22% to 29% more energy when operated on hard water.

Hard water clogs and corrodes plumbing, chokes water pressure and blocks drains causing costly repairs and replacements. Water Sofeners extends the life of appliances and plumbing by 30-70% by significantly reducing and may eliminate limescale build up in pipes and water heaters

Conditioned Water Savings

Conditioned Water SavingsAfter adding up all the savings that a water conditioner can generate, many consumers conclude they can’t afford to be without conditioned water in their homes. Conditioned water can make a real difference where it counts most– in your monthly household expenses. Consider how conditioned water could start saving you money today:

Lower energy costs: According to the Water Quality Research Council at New Mexico State University, water heaters work nearly 30% more efficiently when operated on conditioned water.

Fewer repair bills: Without exception, all water-using appliances work more efficiently and require fewer repairs with conditioned water. Even leading appliance manufacturers, such as Maytag, recommend using conditioned water for optimum performance of their products. Plumbing lasts longer, too, without the lime scale buildup caused by hard water.

Spend less money for cleaners and detergents: Since soaps and detergents work more efficiently in conditioned water, you’ll need less than the recommended amount. And you’ll be able to obtain the same optimum results using shorter wash cycles and cooler water.

Smaller clothing allowance: Clothes last longer and look better when washed with conditioned water. According to a study conducted at Purdue University, the life of clothing and household textiles was prolonged up to 15% when washed in conditioned water. When detergents mix with hard water, they form lime curd deposits, which can cause yellowing, or graying of clothes. As the deposits accumulate, they contribute to fabric stiffening and matting.

Fewer lotions and conditioners: Hard water can dry skin and hair because the minerals combine with the soap to form a sticky residue that’s difficult to rinse away. With conditioned water this film doesn’t form, so hair and skin are smoother and healthier looking.