You Have A Simple Choice

1. Continue With The Tap Water

Continue to fight the hard water by putting up with or paying for:

Poorer quality of life
Replacement Costs
Appliance Repairs
Fuel Wastage
Excessive Soaps
Harsh Detergents
Cleaning scum
Buying bottled Water

Pay a never ending and ever increasing monthly costs


2. Change to Quality Conditioned Softened Water

Install an lonics Home Water Softener Supplied by
Watercare Associates and enjoy:

Clear Soft Drinking Water
Better Quality of Life
Continual Cost Savings
Soft Skin and Hair
Quicker Cleanup
Better Tasting Food
Better Tasting Beverages
Less Appliance Repairs
Luxurious Modem Water
Sparkling Glassware
Peace of Mind
Water Softener Conditioner

And the many other benefits of Conditioned Softened Water 

Pay only once and enjoy a lifetime of benefits and savings

Why not take the first step in improving your quality of life by contacting Watercare Associates now for a free, no obligation, home survey and quote